Encouraging young people to discover their voice as a writer as they challenge their imaginations to develop interesting characters, stories and scripts.

Our approach is creative, fun and engaging.

The Young Playwrights process is a totally immersive creative experience - you don't need to be 'good at writing' you just need an imagination, the willingness to have a go and the courage to share your ideas. At Young Playwrights we feel it is a great privilege to help guide our young writers on their creative journey and watch them grow in confidence and self-belief.

Young Playwrights is the best part of my week.

Faith - Student

You have to keep doing these sessions. Olivia is just loving it. She's found something that lets her be creative in her own way. She's so shy she'd never want to go to a drama club or anything like that. But this is brilliant for her. She says she's going to be a writer when she grows up and I really think she could be.

Nadine - Parent